State Forty Eight Credit Card Launch Event


October 30th, 2019

10 mins 25 secs

Season 4

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We had the pleasure of spending the evening with some folks who share the same love and passion for the state and community we call home. We ventured to The Churchill in downtown Phoenix, part of the Roosevelt Row art district that our friends from Season 3 The FOUND:RE hotel, Fair Trade Cafe and The Nash jazz club call home. The Churchill is uniquely Phoenix and is comprised of recycled commercial shipping containers housing many small businesses. One of those small businesses is State Forty Eight in which we had the pleasure of catching up with our friend and co-founder of SFE Mike Spangenberg. This is a special night for Mike, Stephen, Nicholas and the rest of their brand as they, along with local credit union OneAZ, celebrate the release of the State Forty Eight credit card. We love seeing local business succeed and are happy to share this quick update with Mike. Don’t forgot to check out our conversation with Mike from Season 3 for the story behind the brand. Cheers!

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