Robert Lamb

Co-Host of Not So Native

'The Not So' - I grew up as a Son of a Sailor with a wandering mind. Listening to the US Navy sailors and others tell stories of where they were from or life experiences filled my days and my imagination growing up. Often at night, I would listen to my Dad read tales of adventure and history aloud as I drifted off to sleep; thus, began my love of stories and story-telling. I still like to listen to people’s stories and share a few of my own. I still have a passion for books, and I still have my wanderer’s spirit! As a non-native Arizonian, I have been fascinated with the history of the Grand Canyon/Valentine State. I moved to Arizona in 1992 (not so native) and have been wandering around learning and listening to stories of the past and present. I have shared them with my wife and two kids. Now, using their own words, I want to share these stories with you. I hope you enjoy this podcast and once you hear the stories of Arizona and the people who make it an awesome place to live, you will also want to get out and explore!

Robert Lamb has hosted 43 Episodes.