Artist Hugo Medina: 'Go Ahead, Touch It'


September 5th, 2019

36 mins 36 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

“Go Ahead, touch it” I know this is an awkward title for a podcast, but it is not every day an artist suggests you touch his paintings. At most art exhibits you’d admire the beauty of the work with your eyes. Hugo’s exhibit also appeals to our other senses. Rob had the opportunity to interview valley artist Hugo Medina following his recent art exhibit at the Arizona Capital Museum. Hugo’s work can be seen throughout the Valley including several murals in downtown Phoenix. One of these murals a tribute to Wallace and Ladmo. Wallace and Ladmo were staples of the children’s television scene in Phoenix for decades. Ladmo bag anyone?

Medina uses many different mediums in his paintings, including metal shavings. He discusses how he pre-treats his canvases before he paints them. This is why Hugo encourages you to “touch” his paintings and feel the depth and texture in them.

Listen along as Hugo discusses his life and work and is perspective on art, and art in the Phoenix area!
Thank you Hugo Medina for your contributions to the art world and to this podcast!