FOUND:RE Hotel Phoenix


August 15th, 2019

31 mins 30 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

This weeks episode was spent with Burtney at the beautiful and unique FOUND:RE Hotel Phoenix. You may think that you need to go to LA or New York to experience a true ‘art hotel’ but you’d be wrong. This boutique hotel is located in downtown Phoenix just off the Central and Roosevelt light rail station. It holds a uniquely Arizona feel that draws its inspiration from the Roosevelt art district it resides in. We had the pleasure of spending time with catering sales manager Julie Whyman and art curator Michael Oleskow. Both have been with the hotel since its inception and took time with us to tell the story and vision of the FOUND:RE hotel. The hotels desire is for its guests to ‘find yourself’ while on property. You can be found through the delicious food and drink at MATCH, the modern and inviting rooms, and of course the beautiful art throughout the entire property. The attention to detail throughout the resort is evident and you’ll notice that even the bathrooms, conference space, and storage rooms all have names uniquely FOUND:RE. Even the room numbers are custom designed and unique to each room. Mike has done a marvelous job of accumulating and displaying art with each piece being sourced from an Arizona artist. This supports not only the beauty of the hotel but also the local art scene and economy. Plus, if you happen to find an art piece that you ‘find yourself’ in Mike will arrange a personal meeting with the artist and accommodate a purchase of the art so you can display it at home. Whether you’re looking for the next spot for a night out, staycation, or vacation in Phoenix you would be remiss if you did not ‘find yourself’ at the FOUND:RE Hotel.