Bearizona Wildlife Park


February 24th, 2019

43 mins 31 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

In this weeks episode of the Not So Native podcast Rob is joined by a special guest host, his wife. Stephanie Lamb chose to tolerate him for a family vacation up north to Williams and Flagstaff. Their first stop was Bearizona in Williams where Dave O’Connell was kind enough to provide a guided tour through the park. If you’re looking for a professionally narrated tour look no further than this episode. Anything to be known about the park and its beautiful wildlife occupants Dave is the man to know it. As they drive through the park Dave shares interesting facts about the park and its wild residents. One of these being, did you know that bears don’t hibernate at Bearizona? - I didn’t. Dave will explain why. Next time you make the trip up north be like the bears and don’t sleep on Bearizona. A visit and tour through the park is well worth it, so as Dave’s and our gift to you, enjoy your very own guided tour. If you start the episode as you enter through the main gates you’ll find the narration will match along with your journey through the park. Enjoy the episode and be sure to let us know what you think. Next time you’re at Bearizona stop by and say “Hi” to Dave letting him know ‘Not So Native’ sent you. - Aaron