8-Bit Aleworks


November 18th, 2018

38 mins 57 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

In this episode of the Not So Native Podcast we sit down with Emmy winner (yes that Emmy) and Arizona native Ryan Whitten who is the owner, founder, and head brewer of 8-Bit Aleworks. Ryan along with his wife Krystina opened 8-Bit in May of 2015 in Avondale, Arizona. 8-Bit is not just another hipster craft brewery complete with beard oil and handlebar mustaches (side note: if either one of us could grow facial hair worthy of beard oil we would gladly partake) rather it comes from a time before Playstation and Xbox, a simpler time with fewer buttons. The 8-Bit name is inspired by the classic Nintendo Entertainment System games like Super Mario Brothers and the like. The decor throughout the tasting room and even the tap handles are all inspired by these classic video games. Each table in the tasting room is complete with its own game system you can enjoy while you sit back and partake in some of their fine and unique brews. Our conversation with Ryan touches on what led him and his wife to create 8-Bit, what makes them and their beers unique, and why they’ve become beloved by the locals. Enjoy!